Summer is the time to get out and enjoy the nice weather and outdoors. It is a break from school for the kids. It can also bring plumbing problems if you are not careful. More people home during the day mixed with summer storms can cause havoc on your plumbing system. Here are some tips to minimize the need for a plumber South Jordan.

Pay Attention to What is Getting Flushed Down the Toilet

Just because toilets have a powerful flush, it doesn’t mean you should test it. The toilet and drain were not meant to handle a lot of excess. Things like paper towels, soap, facial tissue, and cleaning wipes can cause clogged drains. Show your kids where to dispose of these things properly and avoid flushing anything other than toilet paper. Toilet paper is made to break down with water so it can easily pass down the pipes. However, an excess of toilet paper can cause clogs too.

Use Liquid Soaps

Instead of bar soaps in the shower and at the sink, use body wash and liquid hand soap. Bar Soaps can create buildup in pipes faster as they leave more residue than liquid soaps. This residue built up over time causes pipes to clog faster. Chunks of bar soap can also break off and clog the drain. Not to mention, when the bar gets too small to use, it can get sucked down the drain. These pieces combine with other stuff such as hair and become thicker causing a more damaging clog.

Flush Your Drains Often

If you flush your drains regularly if can help minimize the build up in your pipes. A simple way to flush your pipes is to pour hot water down your drains. Except for your toilet, do this monthly to your kitchen drains and bathroom drains. This can reduce the buildup off the sides of your pipes allowing them to drain more easily.

With your home being a summer hangout spot for your kids and with added guests due to summer bbq’s, your plumbing system could get overworked. Below are some issues to look out for this summer.


Clogged toilets and drains become more common with extra use. Watch for strange things being flushed down the toilet. Keep a plunger handy, as well as the phone number of a licensed South Jordan plumber. A simple clog can easily turn into an emergency. Watch for slow draining sinks, and toilets that flush slow or take multiple times to get everything down.

Backed up Sewer

Summer thunderstorms often bring heavy rainfall. A couple of days of rain can cause sewer lines to back up and this can lead to flooding. If there is any chance of a sewer line problem, call a licensed plumber South Jordan before the flooding occurs. Be prepared for a heavy summer storm and contact a professional plumber for solutions.

Water Damage

Small plumbing issues can often turn into more serious problems if they are ignored. A clogged toilet can back up and spill over onto the bathroom floor. A pipe that is leaking will eventually break and cause irreversible water damage. Loose hoses on washing machines and dishwashers can cause flooding and water damage. Always call a professional to take care of these minor issues before they become large and bring costly repair. Keep an eye out for slow drains and toilets and leaking hoses and pipes.

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