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Hey Google find me the most experienced plumbers for water heater repair or installation

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  • Siri who is a top-rated plumber in South Jordan?
  • Hey google find me a Quality plumber near me
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RG Plumbing Inc. has 30 years of experience, installing water heaters, water heater repair, hot water heater replacement, as well as any other plumbing need. The honest, reliable, fair and fast team of expert plumbing technicians can handle any hot water heater job.  Whatever plumbing job has you searching, call RG Plumbing.


RG Plumbing

2581 Bridle Oak Dr | , South Jordan, UT | 84095

Phone: (801) 446-0520



City of South Jordan

1600 W. Towne Center Dr. | South Jordan, Utah | 84095

Phone: (801) 446-HELP



Rocky Mountain Power

PO Box 25308  | Salt Lake City, UT  | 84125

Phone: (801) 237-2293  | Toll-free: (888).221-1070



Dominion Energy

PO Box 45841  | Salt Lake City, UT  | 84139-0001

Toll-free:  (800) 323-5517