Water Heater Replacement

Many Clients Are Choosing Energy Efficient Water Heaters

The hot trend in water heater replacement is purchasing an energy efficient option. Over time this option can save you money on your energy bills, as well as make you feel like you’re helping contribute positively in helping with the global energy crisis. In May it became mandatory that all water heaters sold by manufacturers have a new standard of .62 energy efficiency. This was achieved through adding more insulation in the tank.

Regular energy efficient water heaters shouldn’t be confused with tank-less water heaters, which we don’t typically recommend in the Salt Lake City area because of the type of water we have and the size of homes that are common.

Repair or Replace Now

If you own a water heater that has stopped working properly and needs repair or replacement, don’t procrastinate your happiness. Do not put off buying a new water heater to get that warm shower due to cost. The price of a new water heater may not be as awful as you expect.  Because RG Plumbing Inc. specializes in water heater installation, we can ensure that the project will be done quickly, conveniently, and at a competitive price.

Key Benefit of our Water Heater Replacement Service

Whether you require a simple repair or a new water tank installation, call our group of qualified and talented plumbers. We take pride in the work we perform.


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