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South Jordan, My Favorite City

I have lived in many cities in the Salt Lake Area, and South Jordan is definitely one of my favorites. My first experience was many many years ago, and the city itself was quite different than it is now. I was visiting my grandma. She lived on a quiet tree-lined street that ended with a cul de sac, where her house was, at the very end. She didn’t have any neighbors to the back, instead of a beautifully manicured park, with comfortable benches, nice playgrounds, large grass fields, basketball courts, and my favorite, tetherball.  The folks that lived on that street had all lived there as long as she had, and they were all close friends, more like family. When one was in need, there was no question the others would help. I loved it. There was such a great feeling there, and we always had so much fun playing with the neighbors. I thought of it as my second home.

Years later when I came back to South Jordan, that tree-lined street hadn’t changed, but the rest of the city had. Where there were once large farming fields, pastures with horses running free, and wide open land, there is now townhouses, apartment complexes, shopping centers, and restaurants filling the land. The city of South Jordan now spans 10 miles east to west. The new community of Daybreak is almost like a city unto itself. It has everything you need, and a lot of things you would want. Although the city expanded to the west, the central part of it has remained somewhat untouched. That is why I love South Jordan.  You can still drive through it and watch horses running through the fields, and see chickens running around, and many homes with a lot of land. There is a nice small town country feel, with all the modern day conveniences not too far away. Really, the best of both worlds. With so much to do so close to home, it seems silly to drive outside of South Jordan unless you really have to.

It is my dream to buy an old home on a large lot, fix it up, and raise a family there. And maybe a horse, a dog or two,  and some chickens. I grew up with a garden, and I would really like my children to experience the work and joy, and of course, the yumminess that comes with growing your own fruits and vegetables. And of course, I have to have a woodshop. I love working with wood and building things. I would like to pass that on to a child.  

There are a lot of nice places to live in Utah. South Jordan just happens to be my favorite. It may have started a long time ago sitting on my grandma’s porch listening to the crickets instead of traffic, having trees to climb instead of watch tv, and a safe neighborhood to run around playing games with friends instead of playing on electronics. Life has changed a lot for kids these days, and I am grateful that there are parts of South Jordan that haven’t changed a bit.


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