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West Jordan residents rely on RG Plumbing and their 30 years of experience. They take on any plumbing remodel, frozen pipe repair, frozen pipe replacement, faucet replacement, faucet repair, and water heater replacement or installation job. With a team of reliable and efficient expert plumbing technicians, they handle numerous projects in the West Jordan area. If you need to schedule a water heater project or need a frozen pipe repair completed immediately, call the most reliable plumber in the area.


West Jordan, UT

West Jordan got its name in light of its closeness to the Jordan River. Also, it was settled by pioneers in 1848 and after that continued to finish up a city in 1941. Consequently, West Jordan is directly a rapidly creating suburb of Salt Lake City. As a result, It is easily the fourth most populated city in the region of Utah. Without a doubt, it is a direct result of the city’s mixed economy.

Before all else mining, cultivation and plants were the reason for its money related improvement. For example, the fundamental cowhide tannery was worked in West Jordan in 1851. Around then it was the principle tannery this side of the Mississippi. Much later Archibald Gardner created one of the principle saw procedures in the point of convergence of West Jordan. He continued including houses and plants that are right now essential structures. Likewise, these structures were reconditioned into a social occasion of distinguishing strength shops that various people visit all throughout the whole year.

There are even infrequent festivals that happen that merit taking a gander at. In case you happen to take a drive out west on 90th south you may get a glance at these certain tourist spots that are alluded to today as Gardner Village. Among various attractions to discover in West Jordan is the Schorr Art Gallery, the Conservation Garden Park, Jordan Landing Shopping Center and Veterans Memorial Park. This is just several the things that West Jordan, Utah conveys to the table.



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