Water Heater Repair – 5 signs you need it

Most of us don’t realize we have water heater issues until we turn on the sink or shower and only cold water comes out. This never seems to happen at a convenient time. Save yourself some trouble and familiarize yourself with clues that your hot water heater isn’t working quite right. Here are 5 common signs that it is time to call a plumber for professional help.


1. Your water looks, tastes, or smells strange

If you see or taste metal in your water it is a sign that you have some corrosion in the lines. If this occurs only in your hot water, you probably have a problem inside your water heater. Call a plumber. They can try to fix the erosion before it damages the water tank. Cloudy water could mean that you have a mineral deposit buildup in your tank. Professional maintenance will minimize the buildup and prevent future damage.


2. It is leaking

You won’t know this unless you visually inspect your water heater. To prevent this from going on for too long, once a month do a quick scan of your water heater and surroundings. As soon as you see any kind of liquid buildup, call a professional for water heater repair.


3. You hear loud or unusual sounds

Since your hot water heater is a major appliance, it is normal to hear a little noise. If you hear loud cracking, banging or popping noises coming from it, you will need to call for water heater repair. This is most likely due to mineral buildup causing the hot water heater to overheat as it does its job to keep the water hot. A good cleaning and flush may be all you need to get it functioning properly.


4. Low hot water pressure

A few things that can cause decreased pressure. Mineral buildup can block and reduce the flow in the pipes. The distribution lines may be kinked or damaged. Poor design or the age of the water heater can affect the flow. A licensed plumber can perform a water heater inspection to determine the cause and suggest a solution.


5. Temperature fluctuation

Whether you have no hot water at all, or the temperature fluctuates abnormally, a service call is necessary. There may be mineral deposits that have built up around the heating element causing it to not function properly. It is also possible that the heating element needs repair or replacement.

If you see any of these signs, don’t fret. Water heater repair help is just a phone call away. RG Plumbing has been providing water heater service for Utah residents for decades. Whether you need water heater service, water heater repair, water heater replacement, or water heater installation RG plumbing will take care of you. We specialize in all aspects of hot water heaters. We work hard to ensure the project will be done quickly, conveniently, and at a competitive price. Call (801) 446-0520 or text  (801) 509-2965 RG Plumbing today for all your water heater needs.

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